Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Cream Cheese

I've been on a delicious kick lately.  I'm making flavoured cream cheeses.  Why not just buy the pre-flavoured ones, you ask? Well... as far as I've seen there's no roasted garlic and jalapeno, or chipotle in adobo flavoured ones sold by Philadelphia. That's why.

And let me tell you, I love cream cheese, but I might marry these flavoured varieties.  And the best part -- no matter how good they taste on day one, if you make it to the end of week one, they get even better.  The flavour deepens and improves as it sits in your fridge.

I got this idea from a story I read online, and a few of us ladies brain stormed until the ever lovely Queen of All That Is Delicious posted a recipe for Nariz que Moquea, also known as schmear.  I've made it a few times and it's absolutely amazing.... so I wanted to try and come up with my own variation.

For this recipe, I roasted my own red peppers and garlic, but you could use store bought roasted peppers. I haven't quite gotten the hang of roasting peppers yet, so no recipe for you on that. But you're smart, I bet you can figure it out on your own, or maybe in a few weeks I'll post some instructions.

Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Cream Cheese
2 roasted red peppers, quartered
1 head garlic, roasted (~2 Tbsp)
1 pkg Philadelphia cream cheese, softened
  1. Leave cream cheese out on the counter for several hours to allow it to soften.
  2. In your blender, mix roasted red peppers and garlic until smooth.
  3. Add cream cheese, blend until evenly combined.
  4. Scrape into a container with a good seal (e.g. Tupperware) and refrigerate for as long as you can avoid temptation.

This will be great on bagels, toast, tortillas, or a spoon.

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  1. I made a similar one this past weekend using both yellow and red roasted peppers, it was delish! To roast the peppers, I usually set my oven to 350F and place a slit in peppers for steam to escape, roast peppers in oven until black, cover with a damp paper towel for a few minutes, peel and chop peppers. Easy as can be!