Friday, May 10, 2013

Muddled Lemonade

Spring has finally sprung! Oh frabjous day, calloo, callay!

In honour of spring weather and fresh produce, I decided to make a fruity, refreshing pitcher of "something", and this came to mind.

I love lemonade.  I always have at least one can of lemonade in my freezer.  I find it so refreshing, and adding the mint just amplifies that.

Muddled Lemonade
1 can Minute Maid lemonade from concentrate
2 Tbsp (small handfull) fresh mint leaves
3-5 strawberries
frozen grapes (optional)
  1. Pour lemonade from concentrate into bottom of pitcher, add mint leaves.
  2. Muddle slightly with a rolling pin or long spoon to release the flavour of the mint
  3. Add strawberries, muddle slightly.
  4. Add water per lemonade concentrate instructions
  5. Set in fridge for a few hours to allow flavours to settle.
  6. Serve over frozen grapes or ice cubes.

This can be served as-is, or can be mixed with vodka, gin or alcohol of your choice for a fresh cocktail.  Best enjoyed in the sun with friends.

Frozen grapes are great to keep around.  When you buy a bunch of grapes and you know you're not going to finish them, rinse a bunch off, remove the stems and put them in a freezer-safe Ziploc bag.  They make a great healthy snack, or you can use them in place of ice cubes for a fresh summery drink.


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