About Me

So I'm not much of a fancy chef type. I don't know how to julienne, or own a wide variety of high quality cooking instruments or what have you... but I love to try new things, and I wanted to share some of the fun recipes I'd found.

As for me? Who am I? I'm the girl who loves to bake but doesn't want to eat any sweets.

I'm a twenty-something year old Canadian girl who started this blog when she was living in Australia with her boyfriend.  Now the two of us have moved back to Toronto, where I'm enjoying a balance between exploring new foods in my own kitchen, and checking out all the amazing new restaurants that have popped up in Toronto over the 5 years we were gone.  The elusively named 'boyfriend' is forced to endure the majority of my cooking experiments, but overall he's a good sport about it. Sometimes he even helps me come up with new weird and wonderful ideas.

That's me browsing a new cookbook at the Rocks Markets in Sydney, Australia.  Thanks to JJImagery for being my travel buddy, boyfriend and photographer extraordinaire. Oh, and you know, putting up with me.

This is a pretty useless biography, isn't it?

Here's something more personal:  I enjoy spending my spare time looking at pictures of kittens being silly on the internet, and I really like cheese.

It seems I'm also amassing a small collection of photos about sandwiches. Who would have thought. Here's a taste.